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Cameron Boyce

Cameron Boyce

Cameron Boyce was a brother, actor, and best friend. He was loved by many. But, do you know about his life before fame?

Cameron Boyce was born and raised in Los Angeles (L.A.). He was born on the 28th of May, in 1999. His father’s name is Victor Boyce, his mom is Libby Boyce, and his sister’s name is Maya Boyce. He died July 6th, 2019 (almost 2 years ago). He passed away from a seizure caused by epilepsy. Luckily, he passed away in is sleep.

Cameron Boyce went on being a child actor at the age of nine. When Cameron Boyce was nine years old, he acted as Luke Ross in “Jessie”. Two of the most popular shows he acted in were “Descendants” and “Jessie”. Most of his shows were, (first to last) “Panic! At the Disco” (2008), Mirrors (2008), “Eagle Eye” (2008), “Grown Ups” (2010), “Jake And the Neverland Pirates” (2011 – 2016), and many more.

In 2017 Cameron raised over 27,000 dollars towards clean water. He won a young artist award, and had a role in  two spiderman movies. He acted in a soap opera. Cameron’s mom is Jewish, and his dad is Caribbean.

Even though Cameron Boyce sadly passed away he will be remembered, for all the amazing stuff he did for everyone. He played in several movies all listed above. If he didn’t pass away his career would’ve carried on for many years.

Cameron Boyce - Bio, Family, Trivia | Famous Birthdays

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Many people ask me what app I use for editing. I use an app called capcut, for my blog post this week I will be blogging about How to use capcut.

Name: Capcut

Creator: Shenzhen Lianmeng Technology

When was it made: In 2018

What it is: Capcut is an editing app where you cn edit photos and/or videos.

Etiding videos: You can take videos and add cool effects to them. You can also add music and stuff to it. When I make video edits I add a whole bunch of music and effects.

Photio edits: when I make photo edit I have to take a while bunch of photos and add transitions to make them fit together.

What one is better: I like to edit videos better because they are way eissier, because you have to line up all the clip.

Here is some pictiures

CapCut - Apps on Google PlayCapCut for PC

owl 4

What I am doing

For my owl 4 I am doing video/photo editing. For video editing I take a video and add cool transition and effects to it to make it look cooler. And for photos I am going to take a whole bunch of photos and make it one big video with effects and transitions.

Why I chose this

I chose to do editing because it is super fun and something I would really like to get better at. When I first started editing every photo was not on time and the video was to slow or fast

The app I use

The app I am using is capcut it is a super easy app to use once u get to know how to use it. When I first started to use capcut I was super confused on how to use it properly, but I figures it out fast on wheat everything does.

Photos or videos

I like to work with photos better than videos because u can time them perfect and add any kind of sound. When I use videos, I must slow them down or make them faster but with photos u just must select the duration.


Yes, this is a very time-consuming project because It takes me a good 30 to 60 minutes to make one edit of a video or a photo edit. I think this owl will be a very good owl for time because it takes a long time to make one edit.

Photos of what the app looks like

heres a link as well

Here are some photos of the app.CapCut for PCCapCut on the App StoreCapCut 2.9.1 for Android - Download

my book

Name: No Easy Way Out

Author: Dayna Lorentz

Publish date: 2013

Summary: When a drastic flu virus breaks out in a small-town mall ton of people find themselves stuck in the mall. there is six main characters stuck in the mall. 1xzsx: Shay 2: Mike 3: Drew 4: Marco 5: Preeti 6: Ryan. These kids are all kind of stuck in the same situation, Shay and her sister Preeti lost their grandma. Their grandma died from the flu virus shays sister also got it and lived. Mike drew and Marco all hide out because they are outcasts they were not allowed in the mall. Everyone is trying to escape not get sick and stay alive. This story is sort of like what we are dealing with right now, they must wear masks and use sanitizer. This flu is basically COVID-19. When I read this book, I almost feel like I am that character and I know how they feel. Shays mom is the mall owner, so she is the leader. Shay and her friends are trying to find out where all the dead bodies went because all these people were dying, and they could not find any bodies. Marco is one of the outcast and he is put to work with the owner of the store and when he is asked to start a party in the bowling alley, he gets super scared and worried that they are going to find out hat he is an outcast. When mike drew and Marco must find a new spot to sleep cause right now, they are sleeping in the parking garage. They must move because they are building showers. Drew found some kids in the parking lot and they are consisted in staying down there till their parents get back (they will never be back) mikes not too happy about this. This is as far as I have gotten.Image result for when was the book no easy way out published

my dream jobs

When we graduate from high school many of us will go on to university. Many people in at a university in will choose to go for a specific university. Like university of Manitoba, or university of Winnipeg. You may also choose to go to college like Red River. For any job that I would like I will have to go to college or university. Here is a list and facts of the top 4 jobs that I would like…….

Vet/Vet tech

I really want to be a vet or vet tech because I love animals and mt grandma was a vet tech so when I was little, I used to go there with her. To be a vet I would have to go for around 7-8 years of schooling at a university like, Ontario university. When being a vet or vet tech you must be able to stand seeing blood. I do not mind seeing blood it is just not the best thing to look at. For my grandma she mainly worked at the front desk and did animal shots/needles or just checkups. I want to be an actual vet where you get to do all the fun stuff. Some facts on vet, the word vet comes from the Latin word Veteranae which means working animals.


Photography is so pretty there a wide variety of where you can take pictures. You can be a wedding photographer or a summer photographer. For photography you do not have to go to university or college, but you will learn better if you do. Some people are good at photography and some people are still learning. When my brother graduated, we got a photographer do our photos. She was soooo good at them. One thing about photography is its not just about taking the picture it is about editing the photos as well

Health care aid

My mom is a health care aid. If I were to be a health care aid, I would probably be one because I like to help people. You may be wondering why I do not just be a nurse or doctored because those jobs are a little too hard for me. when you are a doctor you must go to school for way longer. For nurse you must do more work.

My favorite job out of all of them would be the vet I love to work with animals and animals love me. When I think of being a vet, I think of how many animas I will get to see in a day.

some facts to vet

Describing a day in camping😊

A day in the life of me and camping. I would pack my bags. When I finish packing my bags, I would have a huge breakfast like, bacon, eggs, hash browns, and touts. After I finish eating, I would help pack up the van/car for the trip. We pack loads of stuff in our van. Most of the time I will meet up with my grandma at the place we meet. When I meet up with her, I usually switch. I will sit in the front of the RV asImage result for RV we drive. When we get there, it is the worst part of the whole day……. UNPACKING. Unpacking is one of the worst and hardest parts of camping. We have 4 bikes in the camper 3 coolers and tons of other stuff. When we are finished unpacking everything, my mom and grandma usually take a little break while me and my cousins go for a bike ride or a walk. When its hot outside we all love going swimming, we try to convince my mom to take us swimming and usually she takes us. (for some reason we cannot go alone) after swimming we go back and make supper. After supper we usually go for ice-cream. When we get back its probably late, so we make a fire. We like to make smores when its dark and light sparklers. At around 10 all of us (kids) go into the camper and watch a movie. While going to sleep. some camping info here

Jobs you can get at a young age

When I grow up I want to be either a vet or a vet tech. the difference between them is vet tech you don’t do all the main stuff but vet you do everything. Im hoping this year I will e able to work at the vet clinic, here where I live (just to be at the front) I would think they might let me cause I used to go to the vet clinic with my grandma so I have some experience. So hhere is some jobs you can get at a young age (remember not all places are the same) I will be staying around the 12-14 age group.


If you want to be a babysitter you might want ot get your babysitter course first. I have babysat my cousins but not much.  You can make up to 15-18 dollars an hour for one kid but if two just double it.

Pet walking/watching

You can be a dog walker at the age of 12 if you want, but to be a pet watcher they recommend being 13-14. Most people don’t trust people to watch their dogs/cats/pets so you have to prove your loyal. The overall money you can get from thus is 10-20 dollars.The wonderful statistics and facts behind dog walking

House sitting

Of course if you are going to watch someones house they would probably want you to be around 13-15. You have to be a very responsible person. The money you make from this is 25-45 a day.

There is tons more if you want abetter list of jobs here is a link to the website.

camping stuff

Every summer for the last 3 years my grandma takes us camping, we go to several different places. Some spots we like to go will be listed down below in my favorite to least favorite. I will also list a few things we do during camping.

Some spots we like to go while we camp is Hausa camping ground, Hecla, and Steep Rock, this summer if possible, we want to go to clear lake for weekend or more. I want to convince my grandma to take us to lilac where I go with some of my friends. Here is a list of my fav camping spots we have been to and why. (they are all my favs but here is why I like them)


In Hecla there is a whole bunch of bike trails and parks and golf courses. When we go there there is endless things to do there is even tennis courts way in the middle of nowhere, sometimes they play movies at this outdoor theatre. When we went there for the first time with our camper my cousin and brother got lost for a good 3 hours. Hecla has this big red tower you can climb to the top of it is super fun, but you must be near the town to bike there. The ice cream there is not good like steep rocks. When I think of Hecla I think of a maze. The water and the beach are not that good they just seem good, but I think that they should expand the swimming area. I think that my favorite part of Hecla park is that it is big, and you will never get bored of being there. We hope to be able to go there this summer and have some fun adventures, but we will see.

Steep Rock:

I love steep rock because I have a lot of friends and family there like my cousins have a seasonal, so they go there every weekend and when we go there it is a good 3–4-hour drive in the camper/RV. I like going their cause there is no rocks in the lake and you can go far out, and it will not be that deep. the beach is not that good though there is a bunch of rocks. The bad thing is there is a strong wind so if you let go of your floatie it gone. If you have been too steep rock and tried their ice cream, you will know its good. There are tons of stuff you can do in steep rock like, go to the cliffs and jump/swim, can swim at the normal beach, go boating, and get a seasonal. I would personally not get a seasonal because when I go camping ii want to be able to go to different spots not just stay in the same campground.


I like Hnausa cause its close to where I live so it is not a long drive. I also have tons of friends that go to Hnausa and so I can see them. Hnausa does not have as much stuff to do like Hecla but it is right by the store. I like to go swimming with my friends because there is a whole bunch of sand bars, so we can go far but it is not deep. my favorite thing about Hnausa is my aunty works at the front so she cleans the campground most of the time, and she will stop by and say hi to us. I do not have as much to say. here are some pictures of all the camp sites.

big secluded bird filled sites - Picture of Hecla Provincial Park, Hecla  Island - Tripadvisorhecla

Steep Rock Beach Park, Steep Rock MBsteep rock

Parks and Protected Spaces | Conservation and Climate | Province of Manitobahnausa

here is a link to each campground website

here is a link to hnauusa

here iis steep rock

and hecla ofc


owll 3

for my owl number 3 imm doing drawing human features. im going for faces more. when i did my first owl i made a childrens boom. it wasnt that be=ad u guess but it was still bad. some things i plan on drawing are,




nose and eybrows

when i started this owl me e told me right away to make sure thaat there is proof this is this years work. i never draw so thins is the work from this year. when i did my second owl i thouugbht for sure i wouldve failed, but i passed. my owl is going to be a real challenge, cause of my terrible skills. om excited to do my last owl.Great-horned owls have no horns! | Nurture Nature Foundation

ideas for blogs

For a blog post you want to make sure you have it nice and detail and have at least two pictures and a link to some more facts when I think A blog post I think of sports, food, and more.


OK so here are a few ideas for blog posts


writing about sports like facts on hockey facts on soccer reasons this sport is better than this sport or just sport facts in general.Ice hockey - Wikipedia


You can also write about like recipes for different kinds of foods you make in your family like we make pro guy’s homemade perogies so you could put a recipe.

some other things are like arts and crafts if you want to teach people how to make Christmas cards even though Christmas is over, I thought you guys had to make some Christmas cards or just stuff in general.


When I first started blogging, I remember blogging about knitting and crocheting you can block about a hobby you do.

There is a lot of things possible when doing a blog post I have done a lot for more ideas go loo at more of my blog posts.