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bakiing and cooking


My name is Michelle and I’m in grade 8. I am 13 years old and have 3 siblings. When I graduate high school, I plan on going to university, to be a vet.


Some challenges I had this year were having to deal with Mr. Ewert’s terrible jokes. Having to where a mask is one of the worst challenges I had to overcome. Learning how to properly use teams was not that hard but for some reason, I just could not figure it out.


Some struggle I may have next year is handing in my work on time. I may not like all the teachers in the high school, but I will have too eventually. When I go to high school, I will have to see all the grade 9 going into grade 10.


I learned a lot this year. Thanks to Mr. E I learned a lot more than I would have thought. I do not have many things I remember learning but, I do remember things I have gotten better at. I have gotten better at several things like, basic algebra, I could not do algebra if my life depended on it at the beginning of the year, but now I can do it somewhat good.

Pandemics and flus


STARTED: December 31st ,2019

ENDED: nope

CASES (worldwide): 169M+

DEATHS (worldwide): 3.51M+



STARTED: February 1818

ENDED: April 1920


DEATHS: 17 – 100M



STARTED: October 1889

ENDED: December 1890





STARTED: January 2009

ENDED: August 2010



DEATHS: 284,000


cool math games

Cool math games are a fun online game platform. Cool math games have so many games it is kind of crazy. Some of my favorite games are Run 1 2 and 3, also tail of the dragon. That is not all there is so many more. I am just going to describe some of the games that are my favorites.


The game run is very easy at first and gets harder. The point of this game is you are a little creature thing, and you must make it through stages. Each stage biggest harder. You can user= the arrow keys or WASD keys to move, also use space to jump sometimes. The highest level I’ve gotten on was 38 it was really hard to be honest, I kind of gave up after that. now onto the next one……

Tail of The Dragon….

Tail of the dragon is a super easy game. You have probably played this before to be honest. When I play this its kind of annoying on computer. The point of the game is to collect little things to make you bigger. You must hit these blocks with numbers and survive if you can

Books to read

Out of all the books I have ever read there is a couple that stick out to me, meaning I really enjoyed reading them. These books are “Pegasus THE FLAME OF OLYMPUS”, and a book im just starting called “The Lost Hero”.

Pegasus FLAME OF OLYMPUS is an amazing book, for me I would rate it a 10/10!!!. This book is a bout a teenage girl with an average life, her dad is a cop, so he is never home. Her mom passed away from an accident. One evening Emily (the teen girl) was sitting reading a book when she hears a huge bang from above her, she lives in an apartment building one of the top apartments. She goes outside to see this big, winged horse (AKA Pegasus). When she finds him, he is very hurt, so she helps him. After realizing he is in an out of danger and his home, they work together to save Olympus. There are other books in this series the other ones are, Olympus AT WAR, and Pegasus and the new Olympians. There are many more. This book series is also movies I have not watched them yet!

The Lost Hero is a very interesting book, I am only on page 84 but it is very detailed. I would rate this book a 9/20 so far. This book has a very weird backstory. Basically, there is 3 main kids Jason, (who for some reason has no memory), Piper (mean girl who had a weird dream, and her dad went missing), and Leo (he is this weird super artistic kid). At the beginning Jason work up on a strange bus heading to a weird summer school with a girl next to him, he claims he does not remember anything but has some thoughts about what stuff is. The go to this camp only to realize he and Leo and piper are these other demigods come get them and take them to some demigod camp. They soon realize there are Greek god children.

thats the end of my blog post i hope you enjoyed it!!!!

Stolen Engagement Ring

Friday June 16th: “Hello, I’m Fred

I called earlier about a golden engagement ring for my soon to be wife”. “Ah yes here you go one gold engagement ring”. “Thank you have a good day”. “You to” the cashier said”. “I’m home”. “Where have you been,” said Karen. “I was out buying something special; also, do you want to go to the lake this weekend I heard there is a surprise happening”. “What kind of surprise” she said. “I can’t tell you it’s a surprise”. “Well, I’m not going then” she complained. “please you wont regret it” he begged. “Fine I’ll go I guess” she finally agreed.

Saturday June 17th 10:00am: “Come on let’s go already” Fred yelled from downstairs. “I’ll be down in a sec” she yelled. “You said that five minutes ago” he said.

Saturday June 17th 11:00am: “Ok I’m ready” she yelled. “Finally,” …. Saturday June 17th 1:00pm (at the cabin): “Were finally here” exclaimed Fred, “you finally” Karen joked. “I’ll be right back; I have to put something away” (the ring). “Ok I’m back” he yelled. “What did you put away” she asked. “Oh, it was nothing, lets go unpack our stuff” he said while walking inside.

Saturday June 17th 8:00pm: “I think I’m going to go to bed now” Karen said sounding tired. “me to goodnight” he said.

Sunday June 18th 9:00am: “Wake up Karen we are going on an all-day boat ride and when we get back, I have a surprise for you” he said with a yawn. “don’t forget to leave the door unlocked Fred because the maid, mailman, and food delivering guy are coming tomorrow,” said Karen. “ok I won’t”

Sunday June 18th 5:00pm: “That was the best boat ride I’ve ever been on” exclaimed Karen. “I know that was so much fun” yelled Fred. “looks like the food guy came he put the milk and cheese in the fridge I better thank him,” said Fred. “oh, what was that thing you were going to surprise me with” she asked. “right, I’ll go get it right now”. “it gone” he yelled. What’s gone” her yelling from the other room. “the ring” “What ring” “your engagement ring I put it right here but it’s not there someone must of stole it” him yelling. “It’s ok we will find it” she said.

Sunday June 18th 7:00pm: “There’s no use we won’t find it tonight I will call someone tomorrow lets just sleep on it” he said sadly.

Monday June 19th 10:03am: “I just called the police, but they said they can’t help’ he told her. “I’m going to call detective Annah see if she can help me”.

Monday June 19th 10:37am: “Detective Anna is on her way here right now I hope she can help us” he said. “I hope so to” she said to him.

Monday June 19th 11:00am: Knock knock “she’s here” yelled Karen. “ill get the door” yelled Fred. “Hello, you must be Fred” Said Annah. “Yes, that’s me and this is Karen” “Hello”. “So, what do you need help with” Annah said. (Fred tells Annah about how he put a ring in the drawer and came back and the next day it was not there). “I see has anyone been in the house since you left yesterday” “umm yes I believe so we had, the maid come and do some cleaning, the mail man brought the mail, and the food guy brought us groceries” Fred explained. “Let’s speak to the mail man right now” she said. “Hi, my name is Jack I deliver the mail every second day, but I leave the mail at the end of the driveway every time I don’t go inside at all”. “so, it could not be you if you didn’t go inside the house” Annah said. “I want to talk to the maid now pls” “My name is Chloe and I’m the maid for these people, honestly I did clean their bedroom yesterday but I’m really wealthy so I don’t see how it could be me cause if I really wanted a ring, I could buy one myself”. “So, you did go into the bedroom UT claim you didn’t touch the ring and your wealthy enough you can buy your own” annah explained. “so even though she went into the room may not have been her, but she has tried stealing from me before so could be her” Fred said to Karen and Annah. “who’s left, ah just the food guy” she said. “umm my names Jake and I deliver food to Fred every third day usually I leave the food outside but there was milk and cheese, so I didn’t want it to spoil so I brought them inside, I saw the maid lady inside your bedroom doing something, but I didn’t see what”. “After she left the bedroom, I went to see what she was looking at, but I didn’t touch anything in there I just walked out” he said. “ok thank you Jake for your cooperation have a good day” Annah said. “So, Fred who could it be?

Suspect List:

Maid: Chloe

Mailman: Jack

Food delivery: Jake

thats the end who do you think did it

shows you should watch on netflix

If your ever bored of watching the same show repeatedly here is a list of shows (on Netflix) you should watch. This is my opinion o you may not like them all.

A show you should start watching is “Modern Family”. This is a TV series about one huge family that is all connected in a way. The main carectors are Jay, Gloria, Manny, joe, Mitchelle, Cam, Lily,  Claire, Phil, Hailee, Alex, Luke.  This show is basically about one huge family and “their” crazy lives. There is 11 seasons and 250 episodes. Each episode is around 20-30 minutes. This show was started in 2009. (PG 13)

Another show you should watch is “Brookelynn Nine-Nine”. Brrokelynn Nine Nine is a TV series about a bunch of police that get a new boss and the boss. The main charectors are Jake Peralta, Gina Linetti, Amy Santiago, Rosa Diaz, Charles Boyle, Ray Holt, Terry Jeffords, and a couple more. I cant say much about this show cause ive barely watched it but its amazing. I really like cop shows so that why. This show has 7 seasons and 143 episodes. Each episode is around 20-30 mins.

That’s the end of my blog sry its kinda shirt but I couldn’t think of any other thing to add so I hope yoou enjoyed this weeks blog bye…

Cameron Boyce

Cameron Boyce

Cameron Boyce was a brother, actor, and best friend. He was loved by many. But, do you know about his life before fame?

Cameron Boyce was born and raised in Los Angeles (L.A.). He was born on the 28th of May, in 1999. His father’s name is Victor Boyce, his mom is Libby Boyce, and his sister’s name is Maya Boyce. He died July 6th, 2019 (almost 2 years ago). He passed away from a seizure caused by epilepsy. Luckily, he passed away in is sleep.

Cameron Boyce went on being a child actor at the age of nine. When Cameron Boyce was nine years old, he acted as Luke Ross in “Jessie”. Two of the most popular shows he acted in were “Descendants” and “Jessie”. Most of his shows were, (first to last) “Panic! At the Disco” (2008), Mirrors (2008), “Eagle Eye” (2008), “Grown Ups” (2010), “Jake And the Neverland Pirates” (2011 – 2016), and many more.

In 2017 Cameron raised over 27,000 dollars towards clean water. He won a young artist award, and had a role in  two spiderman movies. He acted in a soap opera. Cameron’s mom is Jewish, and his dad is Caribbean.

Even though Cameron Boyce sadly passed away he will be remembered, for all the amazing stuff he did for everyone. He played in several movies all listed above. If he didn’t pass away his career would’ve carried on for many years.

Cameron Boyce - Bio, Family, Trivia | Famous Birthdays

for more information click this link


Many people ask me what app I use for editing. I use an app called capcut, for my blog post this week I will be blogging about How to use capcut.

Name: Capcut

Creator: Shenzhen Lianmeng Technology

When was it made: In 2018

What it is: Capcut is an editing app where you cn edit photos and/or videos.

Etiding videos: You can take videos and add cool effects to them. You can also add music and stuff to it. When I make video edits I add a whole bunch of music and effects.

Photio edits: when I make photo edit I have to take a while bunch of photos and add transitions to make them fit together.

What one is better: I like to edit videos better because they are way eissier, because you have to line up all the clip.

Here is some pictiures

CapCut - Apps on Google PlayCapCut for PC

owl 4

What I am doing

For my owl 4 I am doing video/photo editing. For video editing I take a video and add cool transition and effects to it to make it look cooler. And for photos I am going to take a whole bunch of photos and make it one big video with effects and transitions.

Why I chose this

I chose to do editing because it is super fun and something I would really like to get better at. When I first started editing every photo was not on time and the video was to slow or fast

The app I use

The app I am using is capcut it is a super easy app to use once u get to know how to use it. When I first started to use capcut I was super confused on how to use it properly, but I figures it out fast on wheat everything does.

Photos or videos

I like to work with photos better than videos because u can time them perfect and add any kind of sound. When I use videos, I must slow them down or make them faster but with photos u just must select the duration.


Yes, this is a very time-consuming project because It takes me a good 30 to 60 minutes to make one edit of a video or a photo edit. I think this owl will be a very good owl for time because it takes a long time to make one edit.

Photos of what the app looks like

heres a link as well

Here are some photos of the app.CapCut for PCCapCut on the App StoreCapCut 2.9.1 for Android - Download

my book

Name: No Easy Way Out

Author: Dayna Lorentz

Publish date: 2013

Summary: When a drastic flu virus breaks out in a small-town mall ton of people find themselves stuck in the mall. there is six main characters stuck in the mall. 1xzsx: Shay 2: Mike 3: Drew 4: Marco 5: Preeti 6: Ryan. These kids are all kind of stuck in the same situation, Shay and her sister Preeti lost their grandma. Their grandma died from the flu virus shays sister also got it and lived. Mike drew and Marco all hide out because they are outcasts they were not allowed in the mall. Everyone is trying to escape not get sick and stay alive. This story is sort of like what we are dealing with right now, they must wear masks and use sanitizer. This flu is basically COVID-19. When I read this book, I almost feel like I am that character and I know how they feel. Shays mom is the mall owner, so she is the leader. Shay and her friends are trying to find out where all the dead bodies went because all these people were dying, and they could not find any bodies. Marco is one of the outcast and he is put to work with the owner of the store and when he is asked to start a party in the bowling alley, he gets super scared and worried that they are going to find out hat he is an outcast. When mike drew and Marco must find a new spot to sleep cause right now, they are sleeping in the parking garage. They must move because they are building showers. Drew found some kids in the parking lot and they are consisted in staying down there till their parents get back (they will never be back) mikes not too happy about this. This is as far as I have gotten.Image result for when was the book no easy way out published