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Out of all the books I have ever read there is a couple that stick out to me, meaning I really enjoyed reading them. These books are “Pegasus THE FLAME OF OLYMPUS”, and a book im just starting called “The Lost Hero”.

Pegasus FLAME OF OLYMPUS is an amazing book, for me I would rate it a 10/10!!!. This book is a bout a teenage girl with an average life, her dad is a cop, so he is never home. Her mom passed away from an accident. One evening Emily (the teen girl) was sitting reading a book when she hears a huge bang from above her, she lives in an apartment building one of the top apartments. She goes outside to see this big, winged horse (AKA Pegasus). When she finds him, he is very hurt, so she helps him. After realizing he is in an out of danger and his home, they work together to save Olympus. There are other books in this series the other ones are, Olympus AT WAR, and Pegasus and the new Olympians. There are many more. This book series is also movies I have not watched them yet!

The Lost Hero is a very interesting book, I am only on page 84 but it is very detailed. I would rate this book a 9/20 so far. This book has a very weird backstory. Basically, there is 3 main kids Jason, (who for some reason has no memory), Piper (mean girl who had a weird dream, and her dad went missing), and Leo (he is this weird super artistic kid). At the beginning Jason work up on a strange bus heading to a weird summer school with a girl next to him, he claims he does not remember anything but has some thoughts about what stuff is. The go to this camp only to realize he and Leo and piper are these other demigods come get them and take them to some demigod camp. They soon realize there are Greek god children.

thats the end of my blog post i hope you enjoyed it!!!!

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