shows you should watch on netflix

If your ever bored of watching the same show repeatedly here is a list of shows (on Netflix) you should watch. This is my opinion o you may not like them all.

A show you should start watching is “Modern Family”. This is a TV series about one huge family that is all connected in a way. The main carectors are Jay, Gloria, Manny, joe, Mitchelle, Cam, Lily,  Claire, Phil, Hailee, Alex, Luke.  This show is basically about one huge family and “their” crazy lives. There is 11 seasons and 250 episodes. Each episode is around 20-30 minutes. This show was started in 2009. (PG 13)

Another show you should watch is “Brookelynn Nine-Nine”. Brrokelynn Nine Nine is a TV series about a bunch of police that get a new boss and the boss. The main charectors are Jake Peralta, Gina Linetti, Amy Santiago, Rosa Diaz, Charles Boyle, Ray Holt, Terry Jeffords, and a couple more. I cant say much about this show cause ive barely watched it but its amazing. I really like cop shows so that why. This show has 7 seasons and 143 episodes. Each episode is around 20-30 mins.

That’s the end of my blog sry its kinda shirt but I couldn’t think of any other thing to add so I hope yoou enjoyed this weeks blog bye…