Many people ask me what app I use for editing. I use an app called capcut, for my blog post this week I will be blogging about How to use capcut.

Name: Capcut

Creator: Shenzhen Lianmeng Technology

When was it made: In 2018

What it is: Capcut is an editing app where you cn edit photos and/or videos.

Etiding videos: You can take videos and add cool effects to them. You can also add music and stuff to it. When I make video edits I add a whole bunch of music and effects.

Photio edits: when I make photo edit I have to take a while bunch of photos and add transitions to make them fit together.

What one is better: I like to edit videos better because they are way eissier, because you have to line up all the clip.

Here is some pictiures

CapCut - Apps on Google PlayCapCut for PC

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