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Name: No Easy Way Out

Author: Dayna Lorentz

Publish date: 2013

Summary: When a drastic flu virus breaks out in a small-town mall ton of people find themselves stuck in the mall. there is six main characters stuck in the mall. 1xzsx: Shay 2: Mike 3: Drew 4: Marco 5: Preeti 6: Ryan. These kids are all kind of stuck in the same situation, Shay and her sister Preeti lost their grandma. Their grandma died from the flu virus shays sister also got it and lived. Mike drew and Marco all hide out because they are outcasts they were not allowed in the mall. Everyone is trying to escape not get sick and stay alive. This story is sort of like what we are dealing with right now, they must wear masks and use sanitizer. This flu is basically COVID-19. When I read this book, I almost feel like I am that character and I know how they feel. Shays mom is the mall owner, so she is the leader. Shay and her friends are trying to find out where all the dead bodies went because all these people were dying, and they could not find any bodies. Marco is one of the outcast and he is put to work with the owner of the store and when he is asked to start a party in the bowling alley, he gets super scared and worried that they are going to find out hat he is an outcast. When mike drew and Marco must find a new spot to sleep cause right now, they are sleeping in the parking garage. They must move because they are building showers. Drew found some kids in the parking lot and they are consisted in staying down there till their parents get back (they will never be back) mikes not too happy about this. This is as far as I have gotten.Image result for when was the book no easy way out published

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