my dream jobs

When we graduate from high school many of us will go on to university. Many people in at a university in will choose to go for a specific university. Like university of Manitoba, or university of Winnipeg. You may also choose to go to college like Red River. For any job that I would like I will have to go to college or university. Here is a list and facts of the top 4 jobs that I would like…….

Vet/Vet tech

I really want to be a vet or vet tech because I love animals and mt grandma was a vet tech so when I was little, I used to go there with her. To be a vet I would have to go for around 7-8 years of schooling at a university like, Ontario university. When being a vet or vet tech you must be able to stand seeing blood. I do not mind seeing blood it is just not the best thing to look at. For my grandma she mainly worked at the front desk and did animal shots/needles or just checkups. I want to be an actual vet where you get to do all the fun stuff. Some facts on vet, the word vet comes from the Latin word Veteranae which means working animals.


Photography is so pretty there a wide variety of where you can take pictures. You can be a wedding photographer or a summer photographer. For photography you do not have to go to university or college, but you will learn better if you do. Some people are good at photography and some people are still learning. When my brother graduated, we got a photographer do our photos. She was soooo good at them. One thing about photography is its not just about taking the picture it is about editing the photos as well

Health care aid

My mom is a health care aid. If I were to be a health care aid, I would probably be one because I like to help people. You may be wondering why I do not just be a nurse or doctored because those jobs are a little too hard for me. when you are a doctor you must go to school for way longer. For nurse you must do more work.

My favorite job out of all of them would be the vet I love to work with animals and animals love me. When I think of being a vet, I think of how many animas I will get to see in a day.

some facts to vet

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