Describing a day in camping😊

A day in the life of me and camping. I would pack my bags. When I finish packing my bags, I would have a huge breakfast like, bacon, eggs, hash browns, and touts. After I finish eating, I would help pack up the van/car for the trip. We pack loads of stuff in our van. Most of the time I will meet up with my grandma at the place we meet. When I meet up with her, I usually switch. I will sit in the front of the RV asImage result for RV we drive. When we get there, it is the worst part of the whole day……. UNPACKING. Unpacking is one of the worst and hardest parts of camping. We have 4 bikes in the camper 3 coolers and tons of other stuff. When we are finished unpacking everything, my mom and grandma usually take a little break while me and my cousins go for a bike ride or a walk. When its hot outside we all love going swimming, we try to convince my mom to take us swimming and usually she takes us. (for some reason we cannot go alone) after swimming we go back and make supper. After supper we usually go for ice-cream. When we get back its probably late, so we make a fire. We like to make smores when its dark and light sparklers. At around 10 all of us (kids) go into the camper and watch a movie. While going to sleep. some camping info here

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