ideas for blogs

For a blog post you want to make sure you have it nice and detail and have at least two pictures and a link to some more facts when I think A blog post I think of sports, food, and more.


OK so here are a few ideas for blog posts


writing about sports like facts on hockey facts on soccer reasons this sport is better than this sport or just sport facts in general.Ice hockey - Wikipedia


You can also write about like recipes for different kinds of foods you make in your family like we make pro guy’s homemade perogies so you could put a recipe.

some other things are like arts and crafts if you want to teach people how to make Christmas cards even though Christmas is over, I thought you guys had to make some Christmas cards or just stuff in general.


When I first started blogging, I remember blogging about knitting and crocheting you can block about a hobby you do.

There is a lot of things possible when doing a blog post I have done a lot for more ideas go loo at more of my blog posts.

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