Jobs you can get at a young age

When I grow up I want to be either a vet or a vet tech. the difference between them is vet tech you don’t do all the main stuff but vet you do everything. Im hoping this year I will e able to work at the vet clinic, here where I live (just to be at the front) I would think they might let me cause I used to go to the vet clinic with my grandma so I have some experience. So hhere is some jobs you can get at a young age (remember not all places are the same) I will be staying around the 12-14 age group.


If you want to be a babysitter you might want ot get your babysitter course first. I have babysat my cousins but not much.  You can make up to 15-18 dollars an hour for one kid but if two just double it.

Pet walking/watching

You can be a dog walker at the age of 12 if you want, but to be a pet watcher they recommend being 13-14. Most people don’t trust people to watch their dogs/cats/pets so you have to prove your loyal. The overall money you can get from thus is 10-20 dollars.The wonderful statistics and facts behind dog walking

House sitting

Of course if you are going to watch someones house they would probably want you to be around 13-15. You have to be a very responsible person. The money you make from this is 25-45 a day.

There is tons more if you want abetter list of jobs here is a link to the website.

camping stuff

Every summer for the last 3 years my grandma takes us camping, we go to several different places. Some spots we like to go will be listed down below in my favorite to least favorite. I will also list a few things we do during camping.

Some spots we like to go while we camp is Hausa camping ground, Hecla, and Steep Rock, this summer if possible, we want to go to clear lake for weekend or more. I want to convince my grandma to take us to lilac where I go with some of my friends. Here is a list of my fav camping spots we have been to and why. (they are all my favs but here is why I like them)


In Hecla there is a whole bunch of bike trails and parks and golf courses. When we go there there is endless things to do there is even tennis courts way in the middle of nowhere, sometimes they play movies at this outdoor theatre. When we went there for the first time with our camper my cousin and brother got lost for a good 3 hours. Hecla has this big red tower you can climb to the top of it is super fun, but you must be near the town to bike there. The ice cream there is not good like steep rocks. When I think of Hecla I think of a maze. The water and the beach are not that good they just seem good, but I think that they should expand the swimming area. I think that my favorite part of Hecla park is that it is big, and you will never get bored of being there. We hope to be able to go there this summer and have some fun adventures, but we will see.

Steep Rock:

I love steep rock because I have a lot of friends and family there like my cousins have a seasonal, so they go there every weekend and when we go there it is a good 3–4-hour drive in the camper/RV. I like going their cause there is no rocks in the lake and you can go far out, and it will not be that deep. the beach is not that good though there is a bunch of rocks. The bad thing is there is a strong wind so if you let go of your floatie it gone. If you have been too steep rock and tried their ice cream, you will know its good. There are tons of stuff you can do in steep rock like, go to the cliffs and jump/swim, can swim at the normal beach, go boating, and get a seasonal. I would personally not get a seasonal because when I go camping ii want to be able to go to different spots not just stay in the same campground.


I like Hnausa cause its close to where I live so it is not a long drive. I also have tons of friends that go to Hnausa and so I can see them. Hnausa does not have as much stuff to do like Hecla but it is right by the store. I like to go swimming with my friends because there is a whole bunch of sand bars, so we can go far but it is not deep. my favorite thing about Hnausa is my aunty works at the front so she cleans the campground most of the time, and she will stop by and say hi to us. I do not have as much to say. here are some pictures of all the camp sites.

big secluded bird filled sites - Picture of Hecla Provincial Park, Hecla  Island - Tripadvisorhecla

Steep Rock Beach Park, Steep Rock MBsteep rock

Parks and Protected Spaces | Conservation and Climate | Province of Manitobahnausa

here is a link to each campground website

here is a link to hnauusa

here iis steep rock

and hecla ofc


owll 3

for my owl number 3 imm doing drawing human features. im going for faces more. when i did my first owl i made a childrens boom. it wasnt that be=ad u guess but it was still bad. some things i plan on drawing are,




nose and eybrows

when i started this owl me e told me right away to make sure thaat there is proof this is this years work. i never draw so thins is the work from this year. when i did my second owl i thouugbht for sure i wouldve failed, but i passed. my owl is going to be a real challenge, cause of my terrible skills. om excited to do my last owl.Great-horned owls have no horns! | Nurture Nature Foundation

ideas for blogs

For a blog post you want to make sure you have it nice and detail and have at least two pictures and a link to some more facts when I think A blog post I think of sports, food, and more.


OK so here are a few ideas for blog posts


writing about sports like facts on hockey facts on soccer reasons this sport is better than this sport or just sport facts in general.Ice hockey - Wikipedia


You can also write about like recipes for different kinds of foods you make in your family like we make pro guy’s homemade perogies so you could put a recipe.

some other things are like arts and crafts if you want to teach people how to make Christmas cards even though Christmas is over, I thought you guys had to make some Christmas cards or just stuff in general.


When I first started blogging, I remember blogging about knitting and crocheting you can block about a hobby you do.

There is a lot of things possible when doing a blog post I have done a lot for more ideas go loo at more of my blog posts.