Christmas card ideas🎄

Happy friday everyone for my blog post today i will be showing you some really cool Christmas cards. there will be 3 cards in total. here is the first oneEasy DIY Christmas Card Ideas You'll Want to Send This Season | Penny Crafters in 2020 | Easy christmas diy, Christmas cards handmade, Diy christmas cards this card is super easy that anyone can make it.



And markers


step 1: grab a peice of paper (non lined paper works best) and fold it in half. it doesn’t have to be perfect.

step 2: grab your markers and draw different shapes in the shape of a tree.

step 3: after you do step 2 you can write MERRY CHRISTMAS at the bottom

step 4: add any detail on the outside and or inside. after you do the final details your card is done.   

For the next card its a little harder but still pretty easy. here is the card.Handmade Christmas Card Ideas



colored/designed paper





step 1: grab your normal paper and fold it in half (doesn’t have to be perfect)

step 2: grab your desined paper and cut circle or othere shapes that look like ordements.

step 3: glue the circles or other shapes onto the front of your card.

step 4: take your markers and draw lines to the top of your card to look like string.

step 5: add some final detail and your done

so for the 3rd card im choosing to make it loo like a little snowman here is what it looks like.The Top 15 Christmas Card Ideas Kids Can Make




colored paper




step 1: grab your normal paper and fold it in half.

step 2: take your colored paper and cut a strip for the scarf and a triangle for the nose.

step 3: take the long strip you made and glue it around the center of your card

step 4: take the triangle and glue it right above the scarf like seen in picture.

step 5: grab a black marker and under the scarf draw 2 or 3 dots for buttons

step 6: take that black marker and draw eyes and a mouth

step 7: add some final detail and your done

thats the end of my blog post see you next week bye 🙂

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