Christmas card ideas🎄

Happy friday everyone for my blog post today i will be showing you some really cool Christmas cards. there will be 3 cards in total. here is the first oneEasy DIY Christmas Card Ideas You'll Want to Send This Season | Penny Crafters in 2020 | Easy christmas diy, Christmas cards handmade, Diy christmas cards this card is super easy that anyone can make it.



And markers


step 1: grab a peice of paper (non lined paper works best) and fold it in half. it doesn’t have to be perfect.

step 2: grab your markers and draw different shapes in the shape of a tree.

step 3: after you do step 2 you can write MERRY CHRISTMAS at the bottom

step 4: add any detail on the outside and or inside. after you do the final details your card is done.   

For the next card its a little harder but still pretty easy. here is the card.Handmade Christmas Card Ideas



colored/designed paper





step 1: grab your normal paper and fold it in half (doesn’t have to be perfect)

step 2: grab your desined paper and cut circle or othere shapes that look like ordements.

step 3: glue the circles or other shapes onto the front of your card.

step 4: take your markers and draw lines to the top of your card to look like string.

step 5: add some final detail and your done

so for the 3rd card im choosing to make it loo like a little snowman here is what it looks like.The Top 15 Christmas Card Ideas Kids Can Make




colored paper




step 1: grab your normal paper and fold it in half.

step 2: take your colored paper and cut a strip for the scarf and a triangle for the nose.

step 3: take the long strip you made and glue it around the center of your card

step 4: take the triangle and glue it right above the scarf like seen in picture.

step 5: grab a black marker and under the scarf draw 2 or 3 dots for buttons

step 6: take that black marker and draw eyes and a mouth

step 7: add some final detail and your done

thats the end of my blog post see you next week bye 🙂

remote learning

this morning in class we talked about how we are going into remote learning. i dont want to go into remote buut we have no choice. when im at home i hope my brother isnt there becasue he always annoys me and i can never get my work done. when we are in remote i will be at home most of the time by myself. cause my mo works days. from 7 to 3. at my house i have no wifi but my neighbors do. they let me borrow their wifi for school work witch iiis great cause without wifi i would have to go find a wireless hotspot. i wish the school didnt have to go into remote learning because its super hard to do work at home for me atleast. for me i really good with teams witch means i will be able to scan docs and submit my stuff easily. foer the EAs i hope they are ready cause they might have to do stuff to. there might be a vaccine coming out for covid that would be great. my grandma doesnt really want to have anyone over for christmas cause you not supposed to.What do you call the disease caused by the novel coronavirus? Covid-19thats the end of my blog post