Sumdog is a fun game app where you can choose to do math reading and all different kind of stuff. When I do sumdog my teacher uses it for math. When we do math there is a whole bunch of games like, junk pile, pier walk, chief and more. My favorite game is probably power boat. It is fun and you get a lot of questions.

Games individually

Power boat. Power boat is a game that is commonly easier on iPad or touch screen computers than normal ones. What we do is you have to answer questions and then use you finger or a mouse if using a computer to grab jewels the more jewels you get the better. There is also ramps and jumps in it. Here is a picture of what it looks like when playingSumdog Teacher Portal - 25 Times Tables.

Goals. Goals is not my favorite game but is still fun. When you play it it gets harder each time. Level one you just shout in there’s no dummy’s blocking it but as you go people block and you get farther away. If you play goals your probably good at it. Its not that easy for me. Here is a picture of the game.Sumdog - Apps on Google Play

Glider. Glider is fun game to probably one of my top three favorites. It super easy. I do not recommend it on iPad. Its easy using the arrows on the computer. What you do is you have to answer questions and then you glide through hoops. If you take too long you run out of time and start all over. If you get through them all you get a perfect on that round and here is a picture.Sumdog - Apps on Google Play



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