how i became friends with my friends


My mom and Dakota’s mom are close friends. So, when we were younger our moms would always hang out with each other so me and Dakota got to see each other more. When her mom got married me and Dakota were at the wedding and when we were having cake Dakota was not paying attention and she spilt cake all over someone. It was so funny, but the guy was super mad. Last year (2019-2020) me and Dakota were both in Mr. Ewert’s class we were both super happy. She was grade 8 and I was grade 7. She is in high school now I barely see her. Our moms work together. Me and Dakota hope too to see each other soon because of corona we might not be able too.


When Erika first moved to this school in grade 3, we were friends for a little bit. When Rylee started talking to her she sorts of ignored me. When we were in grade 6, we still were not friends. When we found out we were going to be in the same class for grade 7 we started to become friends. Me Erika and Dakota were a little friend group. We hung out all the time. We are still friends to this day, and I hope it will stay like that for as long as possible


In grade 2 I found out that I had a neighbor who was around the same age as me. Her name was Aleesha. She had barely any friends same as I, so we became inseparable. One summer holidays I go to her window and I wake her up. Seeing how she would sleep until 12 if she had the chance. Most of the time we would jump on my trampoline and sometimes hers. Her mom and grandma loved having me over and still do. It gives Aleesha something to do. When its Friday on a school week I go over to her house and we watch a movie and eat popcorn. Then she would walk me home in the pitch-black darkness. Last year we started this thing where we go to Hecla every summer for a day. It is so much fun.


When I got moved into miss lad ski class in grade 1, I met Aleah. We became close friends and we still are. Her mom really likes me. She wants me to come over as much as possible. When I go to her house, we I do not even know what we do.

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