Today I presented my owl adnd im not going to lie it was nerveracking. I was so scared till I got it overwith. When I found out I did really good all the weight was lifted off my shoulders. I made a childrens book for my owl by the way. It was so difficult to get all the pages nice and neat and just to make it look good. If you’re an artist I suggest you try thisOpen World Learning (@StPaulOpen) | Twitter


:Quitar playing

If you choose quatar you could work on eather learming it or practicing it if you know how to play. For me I already play quiyar so it would be easier for me than you.


If you did drawing you can draw animals people or stuff what ever you want its uup to you.

:Writing with your non dominate hand

If you were to do writing with non dominate hand its actually really hard. For some people they can do it but with a lot of practice you will get it


If ou do photography you have to learn wht all the buttons on your camera do and how to anle youslf perfectly.

If I were to do any of these I would do writing with nondominated hand it seems like it would be a challenge and it would be super fun this would be a really fun thing for a person to do.


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