ww 2nd publication and ideas

For my 2nd writers’ workshop, I am writing about this girl name Sarah and her best friend. When Sarah and her mom move into a new house john helps her unpack boxes of stuff. When Sarah’s mother asks them to take boxes down to the basement, they say sure. Well…. Something happened. When they got downstairs, they heard a noise which sounded like a cat. They followed the noise till……

If you want to know what happens I am sorry you will just have to wait.13 times you shouldn't say 'I'm sorry' at work | The Independent | The  Independent

Reason why I wrote this

I chose to write a story like this because I want people to feel like there is going to be something scary that is going to pop out. But when they see the cat, they see that is something is not right

Some ideas for you

You could write just anything you could write about sports, animals, your favorite hobby, your family and more. There are endless possibilities.

I think that if I were to do a part two I would probably make it the opposite than what it’s going to be I’m sorry you have to wait till I’m done but I promise I will be done soon

Have a wonderful rest of your day and make sure to leave a comment about what I should write about next.

https://thewritepractice.com/short-story-ideas/ here is a link to more ideas