Camp Arnes

Camp Arnes is a great camp because you can do all kinds of sports like soccer.when i go to camp i love to go on the big swing its the most fun thing at camp i think that people that are affraid of hieghts would not like this. i also like to go down the big slide. when i went there i wanted to go ziplining but instead we went to arts a craft :(. if you were to go to camp arnes i would suggest you go to the ranch camp if u kike horses. i went to ranch camp ad it was pretty fun i guess. only if u lik horses

when i go there i think about going to the dining hall to eat. i love the food ther so much its soo good. i think my favorite meal iss breakfast or supper because breakfast they somtimes make eggs and baacon and its so good. and for supper sometimes mashed potatos and its also really good.

i like the cabins we stayed in. we were supposed to stay in really bad  cabins but for some reson we got really nice cabins.

here are some pictures of some activities (some might have me)

Camp Trailblazers empowers Indigenous and non-Indigenous kids - APTN News

here is the big swing you get up by putting a harnes on they hook you up u climb up the ladder and everyone pulls a rope at the bottom until you say stop i went all the way to the top.

here is high rope you climb accross a whole bunch of ropes or poles and its super faun and a litte scary.

Grade 5 and 6 Summer Camp


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