story about my first rodeo🐴

The first time I ever went to a rodeo I was so shocked at how amazing it was. there were bouncy castles, cotton candy, and I could even get my face painted. I thought that was the best part but no I was wrong. we went to the tractor pull part witch I thought was cool. but when we went to the accrual rodeo part that was the best. I still think it is the best part. I love barrel racing. back then all I wanted to do was go up there and ride one of those horses, and I still do. I have ridden a few times. riding is a lot of fun when u know how.

Im so happy I get the chance to ride every once and awhile. I ride aleeshas horse Khali. My dads girlfriend has some barrel horses and she is going to teach me to ride and do som barrels. I cant wait till she takes me to hher ranch it will be so much fun. They don’t do to much rodeo anymore bc here parents are getting to old. They will still go to rodeos but they wont have cattle for bull and steer riding. If they go to a rodeo im going to try to go with them. I want to be a barrel racer when im older. I think it would be so amazing to do that.

When I found out bercause of corona there is no rodeos I was super sad. I never went to silver rodeo last year but ive been every year since I was 6. I just want corona to end so I can go to some rodeos next year. When I was 10 I went to the silver rodeo and there were these  4 horses in a little pen for people t prt. The guy saw that I was with them almost all day. And when no  one was there he put ontop of this beautiful black horse . we didn’t go anywhere but it was still a lot of fun

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horses cansleep standing and laying down

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By: Michelle Chymy