today im going to be blogging about myself well here we go

Image result for redMy favorite colour is red

i have 2 cats

Image result for 2 catsi have 21 fish exactly

i have to houses

i live with mom right now

Image result for iphone 5s

i just got a new phone

i have 2 brothers

i have 2 sisters

my mom and dad are not together

Image result for BFFLmy BFFL is Erika

my BFF is dakota





What is an Elk🦌

Today i will be blogging about What is an ELK An Elk is like a deer but it has antlers. accually the males have the antlers not the females. It is extremely rare for a female to have antlers. If you ever see a female with antlers take a picture. Some Elk can be really mean and attack you come near them. When i was 7 my mom shot an Elk and I saw the them carry it the whole way home. Elk dous taste different than deer it can be more tough (hard to chew) or just different flavor cause well they are two different animals. 

Here are some facts

1: elks have a second name The Wapiti

2: Largest animal in the deer family

3: Elk cows average 225 to 241 kilograms (496 to 531 pounds), stand 1.3 meters (4.3 feet) at the shoulder, and are 2.1 meters (6.9 feet) from nose to tail.

4: Bulls are some 40% larger than cows at maturity, weighing an average of 320 to 331 kilograms (705 to 730 pounds), standing 1.5 meters (4.9 feet) at the shoulder and averaging 2.45 meters (8.0 feet) in length

5: antlers are accually bone (WOW) here is my BFFL blog here is my BFFs blog here is my BFs blog here is chris chriss chrisssssssss’s blog here is allianas blog she post great blogs if you are looking for somthing to read got to allianas blog:) maddies blog is great go read it her is a link