how to put an emoji as a watermark on WORD

1: get a blank document on word

2: go to design

3: press watermark

4: press any water mark

5: then go back to watermark press custom watermark

6: take out writing of water mark

7: then go to google chrome and go to the search bar right click and select emoji

8: then highlight the emoji right click and select copy

9: go back to word press the bar and select paste

10: make sure its in colour

11: press enter and there you go


that is what the result is

School of Death part 2

School of Death


Nothing! Nothing at all. The police were confused. Gerry (the cop) said, “show me the cameras again from last night.” The principal showed them the video camera. They saw it again, but this time they saw the face of the guy.

 He a tall white man with a beard. They stopped the video right on the face. The cop said look at the other cameras. They saw the guy run out of the school with the children. Gerry said, “look at the outside cameras and see what direction they went”.

The principal looked and said” they went down the left lane straight ahead”, so all the cops got in their cars and trucks and raced in that direction.

After about two hours of straight driving, they came to a fork in the road. They split down into thirds.

After another few hours Jeff (one of the cops) found THEM! It was a relief. They were up North. All the cops went up North to chase them.

By the time they got to Churchill it was 2:00 AM. They had run out of gas. The guy tried to run away but the cop shot his leg the guy screamed and yelled because of the terrible pain. The cops all surrounded him and and jeff handcuffed him. He was put into one of the cop cars and taken away.

The kids got home safe and sound. A few weeks later they (the cops) found out what the guy’s name is, his name is Fred he is 28 years old and has killed several people adults and kids. The family was doing great until they found out that jeff escaped. The family panicked packed their stuff and moved to another country. They were never going to return.   By Michelle Chymy