random story

once upon a time in a land far away there lived a king and queen that loved their kingdom. they were loved by everybody.

but one day that all changed the kingdom turned on them for no reasion, or thats what they thought. Turns out that they were bad king and queen they never ordered new food for the town so they were starting to starve

everyone was ferius and wanted food so they all just packed up their stuff and left never to be seen again




step 7: after you get your desired length you put your hook through the first loop rap around the top and flp it over

step 8: repeat step 7 till you get to the end

step 9: when you get to the end you look at the top and you wil see almost like V’s put your hook through the V and rap around your hook and pull over

step 10: repeat step 9 till the end

step 11: reapeat step 9 and go through the V’s

step 12: when you get to the length you want you cut the yarn and thneed it threw the open loop

if that was not clear than wacth this video for more help




today for my blog you are going o be tought how to crochet

step 1: get yarn and a hook (if its your first time use a big hook)

step 2: make a slip knot (make a loop and stick the back of the long string threw the loop and pull slow)

step 3: put your hook threw the loop and tighten it (not to tight)

Step 4: after putting on take the long string (yarn) and wrap it around not to tight though.

step 5: pul the bottom string over the hook (and now you have your first loop)

step 6: repeat that till its the length that you desire

goooooooooooooooooooooooooooood bye!!!


aleesha is a really awesome friend. ive known gher since i was grade 1 and she was grade 2. she is super weird and fun to hang with. she lives in a small house next door to mine. she lives with her mom and grandma. aleesha has 3 siblings. she hs 2 brothers and 1 sister.

aleesha and i hang out as much as possible she is really good at skating(somtimes) she also eoller skates she is great. i love it when she takes be to her ranch to ride khali (her horse) she is a good rider and goes to this camp cedar ridge.Image result for cedar ridge equestrian center